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Richard Spaven - championed by Benji B, Mary Anne Hobbs, Gilles Peterson, Bonobo

A new discovery for me, Richard Spaven. Mixing in the circles I mix in, not sure how out paths haven’t crossed before. After a bit of digging, some low level background checks, I’m pleasantly surprised to see the support Spaven gets with his music. Bonobo playlists, Benji B BBC Radio 1 and 1xtra, Mary Anne Hobbs ‘Tune Of The Week’, collabs with Ninja Tune’s Jordan Rakei and Brainfeeder’s Jameszoo and featured on the GTA V soundtrack on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide FM channel.

His latest release showcases Jordan Rakei and his trademark falsetto vocals and John Metcalfe’s Zero 7 and Cinematic Orchestra style reinterpretation of Spaven’s Faded anthem

Richard Spaven super excited and psyched about his latest album recording 'Real Time' featuring Jameszoo from Brainfeeder and Jordan Rakei from Ninja Tune  Richard's bespoke approach to drums is evident from BBC Radio 6 Music Mary Anne Hobbs testimony “he plays like a wild flower grows”  influences the demand he find upon himself to collaborate with his contemporaries such as Flying Lotus, the Cinematic Orchestra, Mala, Jose James, Incognito, 4Hero and DJ Vadim.   Following on from his critically acclaimed 2017 release ‘The Self’, Richard is back with a special studio album.  Recorded live during a week at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in the Bath countryside, ‘Real Time’ captures the artfulness of a band of musicians creating something truly unique. Richard’s long history with his band was an inspiration during the writing of this record.    His collaboration with vocalist Ninja Tune artist Jordan Rakei is continued - exceeding expectations after a week-long residential recording session. In addition is co-writer and long standing band member Stuart McCallum (Cinematic Orchestra, The Breath) on guitars.  The recordings also feature Robin Mullarkey (Jacob Collier) on bass, and Oli Rockberger (Laura Mvula) on keys.  Notable for their diverse production skills, Frederic Robinson (Medschool) and Brainfeeder artist Jameszoo  join Richard on Real Time. The inclusion of their intricate sound design and warped distorted abstract sees that the music on Real Time is elevated to new levels.   Throughout the 9 tracks of the album, Richard on drums plays artfully with the beats, subtlety abounds yet grooving hard in constantly shifting, unexpected turns of rhythmic layers.   The result is modern sounding electronica from a group of exquisitely talented forward-thinking musicians who are not bound by any genres but thrive in the simple idea of creating and playing together.  Real Time boost the single Faded featured Ninja Tune artist Jordan Rakei.