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David Baron and Lenny Kravitz

David Baron

" I am particularly proud of this song on Lenny's new album. We had a long day tracking synthesizers and Lenny called me into the live room to go over a song idea he had. He directed me to play the piano - as he sung and worked out the chords/lengths of sections/builds etc...After about an hour Lenny went into the vocal booth and Craig Ross recorded us. One take. No click. I remember being super nervous - as there was nothing but Lenny singing and myself on piano. We tried to do a second take but realized we nailed it on take one. I added some minimoog bass and string pad from a synth - I'm the only musician (non-singer) on the song. Lenny later added a choir at the end - but the essence is still the same: that few minutes in the Bahamas singing and playing a song with all our heart. "