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David Baron 'Earthling'

The largest scale piece on the Cycles record is about being surrounded by life.  The name Earthling as a reference to the old science fiction term alien beings would call Earthly visitors.   I live on top of a mountain looking over a large reservoir (The Ashokan).  I hike a lot and am always overwhelmed by the number of Earthlings I run into.  The landscape feels huge and beautiful.

Strings, piano and vocals recorded Beethoven Hall, NYC, where Raging Bull scenes were filmed - all synths at Sun Mountain studio, Woodstock.

David Baron plays Steinway Grand Piano, Musser Vibraphone, EMS Synthi, Symbolic Sound Kyma 7, Elka Synthex, Plugin Synthesizers and Moog Vocoder.

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David Baron Hans Zimmer style beautiful & epic synthscore film music