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David Baron feat. Simi Stone 'Where We Are'

EARMILK described as "a masterpiece that will leave the listener with nothing but pure sober reflections"

The hybrid Folk-Classical with Electronics 'Where We Are' is about both the geography of our area and the people that we are around at the moment. There is a feeling of “this is where we are” now.  The melancholy has more to do with the acceptance of the temporary nature of it all. Lush live strings with processed voice crescendo to a organic body-percussion groove. Emotional vocals from Simi Stone. Cinematic sounds indeed !

Instruments used:

Simi:  Vocals, Solo Violin, Body Percussion, Acoustic Guitar
David Baron:  Steinway A, EMS Putney, Programming
Dana Lyn:  Violin and Viola
Clara Kennedy: Cello

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David Baron Composer/Producer  and  Simi Stone  'Where We Are' explores the temporary nature of human existence against the majesty of our natural world. The composition interweaves Simi’s violin, acoustic guitar, voice, and body percussion with David’s piano, EMS Synthi, and string arrangement. Simi opens a briefcase for the first time that her father left for her after his death in the winter of 2010. The tears are raw and authentic. The cosmic letting go opens up the surreal world that David and Simi occupy. David writes a note to the future. None of us know where we are going. We are where we are - but where is that really? Shot at the edge of winter/spring in the lush Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York and Beethoven Hall in New York City. #CinematicSounds #NewMusic #BeautifulMusic #ChilloutMusic