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David Baron

David Baron is an internationally recognized composer, keyboardist, producer, arranger and engineer.  He lives outside of historic Woodstock, NY.  He is a graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. David produced the upcoming artist Jade Bird. Her hit song “Lottery” was #1 on AAA radio in America.  Jade’s new single “Uh Huh” just debuted on BBC Radio 1 as “hottest record in the world”.  David co-produced the Mercury nominated “The Bride” for Bat For Lashes. He produced and co-wrote all the songs for goth-legend Peter Murphy’s “Ninth”. David was one of the two musicians on Meghan Trainor’s "All About That Bass".  He received a RIAA Diamond Award for his role (10 million+ in sales). 

David is an orchestral arranger. He orchstrated on records such as  Shawn Mendes’ “Illuminate Deluxe”, “Shawn Mendes”,  Meghan Trainor’s “Title”, and Lenny Kravitz’s “Raise Vibration. 

He is the keyboardist on The Lumineer’s “Cleopatra”. Also has appeared on records with Michael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Vance Joy, Fifth Harmony, and Simone Felice. He is current scoring the follow up to the feature film “Ashes and Snow” for Gregory Colbert.

He releases cinematic music under his own name on the UK based Here & Now Recordings label


Listen and download David Baron debut album 'Cycles'

David Baron

Woodstock composer, producer, arranger, performer, orchestrator and engineer David Baron has worked with Lenny Kravitz for 20 years. The Mercury Music Prize 2016 shortlisted album 'The Bride' by Bat For Lashes (running against David Bowie, Radiohead, Skepta and Anohni) he programmed, mixed, produced and played synths on. He mixed and mastered Worldwide Awards winner Melanie De Biasio's 'Blackened Cities', works extensively with The Lumineers and provided string arrangements for Shawn Mendes and ARP 2600 synth for Michael Jackson. David produced and co-wrote albums for Peter Murphy and fellow Woodstock artist Simone Felice. On Meghan Trainor's 'All About That Bass', one of the biggest selling singles ever, he played piano, organ and baritone sax. He's even collaborated with Roy Ayers on a rework of Smokey Robinson 'Quiet Storm' for the Motown Remix album !

In 2017 he scored a film for The Lumineers called 'The Ballad Of Cleopatra'. And is currently scoring Gregory Colbert's follow up to the award winning Ashes & Snow (edited by Oscar winning Pietro Scalia, soundtrack by Jóhann Jóhannsson). Both films are narrated by Laurence Fishburne.

David's sound is chilled out vintage synth electronica, contemporary classical, beautiful ambient and filmscore. 

David is the proud owner of a Synton Syrinx synthesizer and the very celeste Thelonious Monk played on Brilliant Corners. 



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Composer David Baron records at historic East Village, New York, venue Beethoven Hall. Beethoven Hall was an integral meeting place for Women’s Suffrage movement and most citywide strikes of the era. Many high profile union leaders and politicos made rousing speeches here: from Emma Goldman and Johan Most to William Randolph Hearst. Leon Trotsky gave addresses and years later when a tv studio Martin Scorsese filmed Raging Bull fights scene in Beethoven Hall.     DAVID BARON BIOG     David Baron mixed The Lumineers amazing new song for the Game Of Thrones season 8 soundtrack     Producer, arranger, mixer, engineer     David Baron works with The Lumineers, Shawn Mendes, Meghan Trainor, Lenny Kravitz, Peter Murphy, Simone Felice, Melanie De Biasio, Bat For Lashes, Jade Bird, Vance Joy, Matt Maeson, Lettie, Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers    David provided synths, programming, production and mixing to 'The Bride' (Bat For Lashes) which was shortlisted for Mercury Music Prize 2016 alongside Bowie and Radiohead with Skepta ultimately getting gold.    David arranged and conducted strings for Shawn Mendes on 'Bad Reputation' from the number 1 album in 65 countries 'Illuminate Deluxe'. David arranged and conducted strings on Mendes follow up self-titled album    He played piano, organ and baritone saxophone on one of the biggest selling singles of all time ('All About That Bass' Meghan Trainor) alongside songwriter Kevin Kadish who David works with on numerous projects    David performed on The Lumineers #1 Billboard Album 'Cleopatra' and has performed on mixed and produced the forthcoming 2019 follow up album. David scored their film Ballad Of Cleopatra. On The Lumineers forthcoming album David plays keys and mixed it. David has recently mixed an amzign new song by The Lumineers for the Game Of Thrones soundtrack.    He produced and co-wrote both 'Strangers' by fellow Woodstock artist Simone Felice and 'Ninth' with Peter Murphy.    David mixed and mastered Melanie De Biasio ‘Blackened Cities’ which was Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards Track of The Year 2017 voted for the public including artists Solange, Kaytranada and Frank Ocean    David was hired by Motown Records to remix Smokey Robinson ‘Quiet Storm’. He worked with Roy Ayers on this remix which was released under the name Groove Boutique.    He was employed by Glassnote Records to develop Jade Bird from an unknown artist to the superstar she is becoming. Including musical directing and arranging strings for tv performances on Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert’s shows.       Lenny Kravitz   David has worked with Lenny for approximately 20 years. They took over the Hotel Edison recording studio with Henry Hirsch in 2001. David has arranged strings and programmed synths on Kravitz last 6 albums. In December 2018 Lenny and David performed ’Here To Love’ live on tv on the CNN Heroes show. ‘Here To Love’ the recording was recorded live in 1 take with David on piano and Lenny singing. Evidence of both Lenny’s incredible voice and David’s amazing playing.             Musical Director   David was musical director for both Jade Bird’s tv appearances on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. David booked and rehearsed the players, arranged the strings and performed on keys       Synths   David has an extensive collection of rare analog synthesizers including a Arp 2500 from 1970, a Moog Modular from 1967. I own a lot of instruments including a 1965 electric harpsichord, the celesta used by Thelonious Monk on Pannonica (Brilliant Corners), and a Blüthner baby grand piano. His synths have been used extensively on his production work especially with Lenny Kravitz and Bat For Lashes       Filmscore / Soundtrack   David’s background is composing. He very successfully scored tv and ads for many years  Aswell as The Ballad Of Cleopatra for The Lumineers he wrote the filmscores for Tatterdemalion (Lost Child) directed by Ramaa Mosely and Keely and Du directed by Dominique Cardona and Laurie Colbert.    David is filmscore composer and soundtrack producer for Gregory Colberts new feature film. Colbert last project ‘Ashes And Snow’ was featured in Time Magazine. Canadian director and photographer Gregory Colbert creates multi media nomadic exhibitions. ‘Ashes And Snow’ was the most attended exhibition by any living artist ever. The feature film starred Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus in The Matrix Trilogy) and was directed by Oscar winner (for Gladiator) Pietro Scalia. The soundtrack to Ashes And Snow launched the career of Jóhann Jóhannsson. On the new venture David is not only working with Colbert and Fishburne but also Patrick Watson who sang lead vocal on The Cinematic Orchestra ‘To Build A Home’ plus Sophie Hunger, Melanie De Biasio, Gregory Gonzales (Cigarettes After Sex), Lisa Fischer.       Beethoven Hall   David is the only artist to record at historic East Village concert hall Beethoven Hall. The venue has quite a history including Martin Scorsese filming Raging Bull there.    Build on the Lower East Side around 1860, important to socialist and labour movements before becoming a film studio. In 2016 David recorded much of his album there to be released on the 100 year anniversary of Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky's infamous address “You do not want any militarism or any government which is not of any help to the working class, but which is always prepared ready to fire on the working class, and is the enemy of the working class. It is now time that you do away with it once and forever.”    Later in the 20th Century it became home to film studio Mother's Sound Stages where tonnes of tv and film were shot including fight scenes from Raging Bull and several episodes of The Honeymooners       Aaron Baron   David is son of Aaron Baron. Aaron recorded classic live albums from The Allman Brothers Band including ‘Eat A Peach’ and much of the Fillmore live recordings    My father was a pioneer in remote recording. He had a mobile truck called “Location Recorders”. He and his truck were hired to do “Stage Fright” for The Band at the Woodstock Playhouse in Woodstock. Albert Grossman loved the idea and bought my dad’s business and gave him a multiyear contract to record live albums.    He recorded BB King, The Allman Brothers Band, Blue Oyster Cult, Barbara Streisand, Charles Mingus, Herbie Hancock, Chicago, Todd Rundgren and many more in various locations including Fillmore and the Carnegie Hall