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David Baron 'Reworks'

Featuring Lomea and AJE (Ambient Jazz Ensemble) and the (Synton) Syrinx Brothers

Launched on NTS Radio (listen here) and electronic music legend Juan Atkins Deep Space Radio, Detroit

Firstly David Baron runs some Synton Syrinx voltage through his 'Under Rain' piece. Syrinx provides the bass and ambient textures against acoustic piano and string section that was recorded in a concert hall. The Syrinx ambient textures were processed through a Roland Space Echo – a unique sounding tape echo unit. Makes everything dreamy !

Lomea flips Simi Stone cowrite 'The Steps' into a modern classical electronica chill masterpiece. AJE Colin Baldry (Ambient Jazz Ensemble) redesign 'Where We Are' giving it a wonderful cinematic indie guitar and electronica tranquility. Syrinx Brothers are David Baron and one of his celebrity producer friends who for contractual reasons we cannot name. The Synton Syrinx is an extremely rare synthesizer, only a few hundred were manufactured in the Netherlands between 1983 and 1984. With 'Where We Are' the hardness of the Syrinx provides the bass as well as textures. Disco synth music for a space station !

Lomea (pronounced ‘Low-maya’) is the experimental electronic project from renowned producer Rich Keyworth. His signature style is defined by a blend of manipulated organic instruments and real-world field recordings, with all manner of synths and other electronic sound sources.

AJE produce the finest cinematic Lounge Music, orchestral jazziness, accessible and uplifting beautiful, story telling through epic instrumentals, pieces that start simply and grow in intensity become euphoric suites. 



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Composer and producer David Baron has amassed a vast vintage and modular synth collection including the very celesta Thelonious Monk played on Brilliant Corners.  His commercial music CV is impressive. Working with fellow Woodtsock artists Four Tet and Simone Felice aswell as The Lumineers, Shawn Mendes, Meghan Trainor, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Jackson, Peter Murphy, Simone Felice, Melanie De Biasio, Bat For Lashes and most recently the hotly tipped Jade Bird (who is signed to Glass Note Records) are some of his clients.  David provided synths, programming, production and mixing to 'The Bride' (Bat For Lashes) which was shortlisted for Mercury Music Prize 2016. David arranged and conducted strings for Shawn Mendes on 'Bad Reputation' from the number 1 album in 65 countries 'Illuminate Deluxe'. He played piano, organ and baritone saxophone on one of the biggest selling singles of all time ('All About That Bass' Meghan Trainor). He performed on The Lumineers #1 Billboard Album 'Cleopatra' and produced and co-wrote both 'Strangers' by fellow Woodstock artist Simone Felice and 'Ninth' with Peter Murphy. He’s worked with Lenny Kravitz for many years too. And on Riptide for Vance Joy which has 500 million Spotify plays to date.  He scored The Lumineers film Ballad Of Cleopatra and is scoring a yet to be announced feature for Gregory Colbert starring Laurence Fishburne. To give some context Colbert’s last venture Ashes And Snow was edited by Pietro Scalia oscar winner for Gladiator. David is no stranger to composing to picture this has been his main livelihood for many years working for the likes of Netflix and HBO