Here & Now Recordings - Cinematic Sounds from the worlds finest composers and producers


Here & Now Recordings, Cinematic Sounds from the world's finest composers, producers and artists. Releasing positive, uplifting and timeless music, founded by curator, record store buyer and journalist John Cunningham.

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 Listen to David Baron debut album Cycles on Deezer. Woking based record label Here & Now Recordings Cinematic Sounds presents David Baron 'Cycles'. Listen on Deezer. Beautiful cinematic chilled out contemporary classical long player.         Cinematic Lounge and Chill Out music from Woking's number one record label Here & Now Recordings Cinematic Sounds. Ambient Jazz Ensemble are a 15 piece orchestra with Kit Downes on piano and a favour with Cafe Del Mar loving their Cinematic Lounge and Chill Out music from released by Woking's number one record label Here & Now Recordings Cinematic Sounds.      Listen to Lomea on Deezer. Debut album Narratives features influences as broad as prog rock records, Aphex Twin, Jaga Jazist, Jon Hopkins, Radiohead, Sigur Ros and much more cinematic music. Championed to great effect by Here And Now Recordings (Cinematic Sounds) from Woking, United Kingdom.     Listen to Lomea take inspiration from a wide variety of unrelated styles of music, which is certainly true. There are elements of prog rock, techno, ragga type rhythms, post-rock, folk, all sorts thrown in there although I like to think it all sounds like me! And the releases are pretty varied track to track, especially Narratives. There's fairly straight-up analogue techno in there (Votive), lush folky 12-string arrangements in Gossamer etc, and lots in between. The 12-string angle might be of some interest I guess, as I can't think of anyone else who makes comparable music that features that sound, let alone in the ways I use it in Gossamer for instance (layered many times, different rhythms over each other). Ditto the piano strings thing I've mentioned before (the distinctive zither-like sound which is all over my stuff, created by hitting the exposed strings of a piano). Frequently using weird time signatures. Deezer streamable on Here & Now Recordings - Cinematic Sounds from Woking, Surrey.      Simon Boswell and Chris Whitten video game soundtrack for Philips Cdi classic Burn:Cycle about hacker Sol Cutter and incorporating full motion video released by numero uno record company in Woking, Surrey, Here & Now Recordings Cinematic Sounds. With the Burn Cycle virus implanted in his head our protagonist Sol Cutter has a two-hour window to source a cure before brain meltdown. Italian horror filmscore composer Simon Boswell teams up with synthesizer authority and drummer Chris Whitten to create a hybrid orchestral ambient electronic soundtrack. Released by Woking record label Here & Now Recording Cinematic Sounds and launched on NTS radio Synth Hero show. Remastered by legendary engineer Pete Murray.       Listen to new music from Sinclair 808 soundtrack composer, electronic music producer, synth wizardry of a future retro sound released by Woking record label Here And Now Recordings - Cinematic Sounds. Listen to Jean-Luc Sinclair professionally known as Sinclair 808, producer, sound-designer and co-writer with Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor. Sinclair 808 creates future retro phantom soundtracks to imaginary films. John Carpenter and Vangelis inspired synth heavy electronica some would call synth wave. Woking record label Here & Now Recordings - Cinematic Sounds - champions Sinclair 808 !