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Lomea ‘Echoes In Bloom’

Guitarist, composer and fine artist Lomea created 9 interlocking canvas paintings to represent the 9 main tracks and the 9 guitars recorded on the album. The painting is inspired by Ouroboros the serpent eating its own tail, a metaphor for opposites coming together as one. Opposites is a concept Lomea consistently explores. Electro-acoustic, classical experimental, light and dark narratives all feed into his second album Echoes In Bloom.

London composer and producer Rich Keyworth, professional known as Lomea scores music to picture. Electronic music and beats for film, tv and games. His sound is naturally cinematic yet very much emotive. This is his primary concern. How to make the robot and machines more humane giving them personality and character

Enjoy Lomea ‘Echoes In Bloom’ !


Lomea takes inspiration from Ouroboros, the serpent eating it's tail depicting unity, opposites coming together as one