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Here & Now Recordings, cinematic sounds from the world's finest composers, producers and artists. Positive, uplifting and timeless music, works of art, founded by curator, record store buyer and journalist John Cunningham.

" When watching the film Blue Is The Warmest Colour an idea for a very particular rhythm came to me, which I couldn't get out of my head, so I recorded it on piano. The word 'diamonds' suited the feel of the track as it progressed into something new as well, so I combined the two. "

Lomea (pronounced ‘Low-maya’) is the experimental electronic project from renowned producer Rich Keyworth. His signature style is defined by a blend of manipulated organic instruments and real-world field recordings, with all manner of synths and other electronic sound sources.

Sounds that feature in new single Warmest Diamonds include but are not limited to; a train rushing overhead in a rural train tunnel, firework explosions recorded on Bonfire Night, percussion made out of wooden spoons, a pitch-tuned vase, the back of an acoustic guitar as well as melodic and textural elements crafted from a variety of analogue synthesizers and the exposed strings of a piano, played with a glockenspiel mallet and heavily manipulated with guitar pedals. 

Warmest Diamonds (taken from the upcoming EP ‘Otherness’) is a playful, exploratory and euphoric piece of melodic electronica. 

Lomea - Warmest Diamonds' - cinematic electronica made from a variety of found sounds