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Lomea 'Narratives'

EARMILK - 'And It Stares Back Into You' "a soundtrack to a lost episode of Stranger Things"

Uplifting 12 String Guitar Electronica inspired by Malcolm Lowry, Nietzsche and Greek Sculpture.

'Narratives' is the result of two years’ worth of creative exploration; combining found sounds and field recordings to create texture and rhythm with his trademark multilayered acoustic guitars and analogue synths, all processed with extensive use of guitar pedals and FX. The end-product is a blend of richly evocative and hypnotic soundscapes, slickly arranged alongside intense and intricate electronic beats.

Intense, beat-heavy opening track 'Lunar Caustic' is inspired by a Malcolm Lowry short story, based upon his experience at Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital in 1930’s New York. The distorted Lo-Fi melancholia of 'Japanesse' picks up the baton, haunting melodies played with glockenspiel mallets on exposed piano strings. This is one of the album’s sonic signatures and can be heard on several tracks; most notably in 'In Tooth & Claw', and in the main rippling arpeggios which form the first part of 8-minute monster 'Gossamer'. 'Oblique' – inspired by UK Techno and Broken Beat – represents the dance-floor epicenter of the album. 'Gossamer' is almost symphonic in structure, complete with sub-heavy kick drums one moment yet ending with a divinely uplifting ambient guitar finale. 'And It Stares Back Into You' (the title of which paraphrases a quote by Nietzsche), sees the album take a slightly more rhythmically direct route before 'In Tooth & Claw' takes it to much darker Electro-Acoustic territories with its jolting, off-kilter rhythms and atmospheric synth arrangements. 'Votive' kicks in with a grounded, bassy and upbeat Techno approach making use of analogue drum synthesis and found-sound percussion, before the album arrives at a climactic conclusion with 'Three Graces', (taking its name from the ancient Greek sculpture). A blend of intertwining hypnotic guitars, pulsing synths, heavy ragga-inflected kick drums and soaring cinematic electronics, bring the album to a powerfully emotive close.

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Found sound wizard, cinematic 12 string guitar electronica from composer and producer Lomea #FoundSound