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Sinclair 808 'Crux Aeterna'

Based on the image of the 8 pointed Rose Cross adopted by Aleister Crowley for his order of the OTO (Ordo Templi Orients) which was also adopted by Hubbard and the church of scientology.

In fact, the whole premise of the story was loosely based on the fact that Hubbard, and the head of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena California, Jack Parsons, were roommates for a bit an avid Satanists (you can't make this stuff up) and tried to get their own satanic Lodge going with Crowley's blessing. When Crowley heard from them he told them to never associate their names with his and that they were just buffoons playing with forces they didn't comprehend. Shortly after that, the idea for Diabetics was born in Hubbard's mind.

The Rose Cross actually comes out the Rosicrucian Order which has much deeper roots than even Crowley, going back to templar knights and crusades, mixing eastern philosophy, jewish mysticism and christian beliefs. In the story imagined for the record, the cult leader uses all these symbols to give his cult legitimacy.

Gear used : Modular synth set up with:  Moog Mother 32, MakeNoise MATH and DPO Modules, ToppoBrillo Multifilter

Original Waldorf Pulse Plus Synth

Roland Super Jupiter MKS80

Access Virus Snow

Korg MS-20

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Synth authority Jean-Luc Sinclair pka Sinclair 808 - producer of Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails and Zack de la Rocha