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You Are You Memories composer and produced by electro acoustic champion Lomea is the first single from his 2nd album Echoes In Bloom. Lomea created a polyptych interlocking 9 canvas painting to inspired by Ouroboros which reflects his creative process of marrying opposites, light and dark narratives. Lomea seamlessly combines experimental and classical, digital and analogue, organic raw and found sound, synthetic processed layered guitar with real world instruments. With the video to Lomea ‘You Are Your Memories’ director Andy Sowerby uses experimental analogue & digital processes of degrading super 8mm film to represent the themes of the track. The loss & change of memories over time. On the Echoes in Bloom long player Lomea layered, processed, filtered and used adept sound manipulation techniques on 9 different guitars including 12 string guitar.
Lomea, Rich Keyworth is an electro acoustic composer who inspired by Ouroboros, the snake eating it’s own tail, seamlessly pairs opposites, acoustic and electro, classical and experimental, analogue and digital in light and dark narratives. Echoes In Bloom. Director Andy Sowerby’s psychedelic video for You Are Your Memories featured featured at The London Short Film festival 2020.