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Lomea 'Otherness Reworks'

Lomea reworks his own Otherness EP

Pinastri (Lomea Spirals Mix) is inspired by the film The Duke of Burgundy ('sphinx pinastri' is a species of butterfly, aka the hawk moth). Rain was recorded from bedroom window and used at atmospheric ending. It has more of a trip-hop feel than the original version, but still with the 'waltzing' 6/8 time signature. Darker than original and more predominantly electronic, with multi-layered analogue synths providing a thick, growling bassline

Ideologue (Alternate Version) is a reaction to and inspired by world events, which seem increasingly driven by ideologues of all political stripes. An off-kilter hip-hop influenced beat with a big kick and handclaps. Mysterious choral vocals at end section, over massive 808 kick drums giving a strange, futurist atmosphere. 


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